• BusyFold Light Kit

Buy the complete package - Busyfold Light system kits which include headers and a carrying bag.
These packages are a cost effective solution to purchasing a folding display system. Lightweight folding panel system with 600 x 900mm panels are PVC framed in a choice of black or grey. Top and bottom panels are linked with flexible hinging, and clip on top of each other for easy assembly. Available in 6 or 7 panel kit with a single header, while the 8 and 10 panel options have 2 headers. The 10 panel unit features 2 triangular plinths for displaying 3D objects. Each system is stored in a rugged carry bag/s. Double sided panels are covered in a choice of 4 loop nylon colourways which are fire retardant to BS5867. Accepts Velcro or Busyfix as well as pins.
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BusyFold Light Kit

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