This high end traditional partitioning screen system
provides excellent acoustic properties, ideal for use within
busy environments.
These screens have a high quality construction with
pinnable 45mm thick panels, powder coated dark grey
aluminium side trims and foam backed woven cloth fabric
for greater noise reduction.
Floor screens are supplied as standard with adjustable
button feet and a pair of stabilising feet. The stabilising feet
have a unique design that fits neatly within the aluminium
side trim extrusion.
All floor screens are all supplied with two types of ‘H’ linking
strips. A rigid linking strip is provided for joining 2 screens
in a straight line and a flexible linking strip is supplied for
joining at an angle.
Straight and wave desktop screens are also available with
the same construction quality, all desk screens require a
pair of clamps or screw in brackets depending on depth of

Busyscreen Connect desk screens

  • £70.18

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